NSX-T 2.4

The 2.4 release is officially out with lots of new enhancements and a minor architectural change (converged management & control plane cluster). The detailed coverage of the release is available on the VMware blog.  The highlights for me:

– IPv6 support
– Multiple BGP add-ons
– SR-DR merge*
– Proxy ARP on the Edge Node
– Multi-TEP on bare metal Edge
– N-S & E-W service insertion (virtual services appliances)
– Complete LLDP support
– L7 App-IDs for DFWs
– New declarative policy model with simplified UI
– Collapsed NSX Manager with NSX Controllers in a single appliance

The list is almost endless. There is clearly a huge focus on user experience and a quest for simplification. *The objects remain the same, this is a change to the way the forwarding and routing tables appear only. My previous NSX post will remain unchanged for the time being.

With the simplified UI, there is also a change in the terminology for some of the constructs. The table below was provided by VMware during a “what’s new in NSX-T 2.4” session at the Top Gun Tech Thursday, and I thought it would be worth sharing. The existing construct scheme is still there when navigating through the Advanced UI.


Another thing to point out is the official “Migration Coordinator” or v2T for NSX-v to NSX-T migrations. It supports migration of layer 2 and layer 3 networking, firewall, load balancing, and L2/L3 VPN. The migration does impact data plane traffic, and there is probably more to come on that. As far as improvements to Multisite support, which is another hot topic, more documentation has been published as well as a few demo videos for the supported use cases (Active/Standby, Active/Active, DR) and the manual tweaks that make it “lite”.