In Between

I graduated from a 9-month fast track leadership development program through Dimension Data. The last 3 months were the most intense and time consuming. In a team of 6 people from different countries and regions, the topic for graduation was Global Employee Mobility.

Some call it a mini-MBA, some call it a speedy-MBA, but regardless of the definition, it is a lifelong experience. Several interviews, external research, insights from multiple people, design thinking approach, all the way to a prototype. I had the opportunity to interview mobility pratictioners at VMware, Dell, NTT Data, and IBM. I essentially stretched myself to places I never been before.

I attended Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, and Innovation classes from IE Business School. I learned about the Six Thinking Hats and the Blue Ocean strategy, among other things. I also learned about worthy rivals on this Infinite Game talk by Simon Sinek.

My first time in Madrid, first time in South Africa, first time on a 15-hours long flight yet this year, first time presenting to an audience as if I was going to fly right after. This experience also allowed me to learn more about myself with and through others, and most importantly acknowledge weaknesses and areas for improvement. The balance between introspection and emotional intelligence.

While all of this was happening, I still managed to listen 4 audible books (Personal MBA, QBQ!, Quiet, and Moment of Lift), which is my recent addiction. I had a podcast released about my journey to a career in technology and all I could appreciate is the fact I need some serious pauses in live conversations and public speaking.

For now, I plan to catch up on Cisco Live presentations as I missed the event this year for a very good cause.

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