VCSA 6.7 on VMware Fusion

I am in the midst of reinstalling a lot of applications on my laptop after going through a complete reinstall of the macOS a few weeks ago, as direct upgrade to Mojave did not work for reasons I will probably never know.

In this process, I am now having to install all my virtual machines back into Fusion as part of my mini tiny home lab. The first one is the vCenter Server Appliance. After a few hours going through the “known” process of updating the .vmx file with “guestinfo” prior to power it on and not getting anywhere, I decided to ask google and luckly found the solution here posted by Moussa. At the moment this is the only one with guidelines for v6.7 that I managed to find. All others relate to v6.5 and still uses the manual editing of the .vmx file. More about earlier versions here.

For VCSA v6.7, here is the step by step summary:

1. Extract the .iso file and load the .ova under the vcsa folder as virtual machine
2. Choose the deployment option (in my case, tiny)
3. Edit the “Networking Configuration” section. This removes the need to edit the .vmx file manually as in previous versions. Sample below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 3.01.28 PM

4. The network settings can be changed at the initial boot from the default “bridge networking”, if required.
5. Once it is deployed, root password to be set, and remaining configuration to be done via the Appliance Management UI at [https://vcsaip:5480].
6. Important: during the “Set Up” process, the system name needs to match the “Host Network Identity”. If they do not match, it will not start.

Sample below (using IP instead of FQDN):

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 3.39.33 PM

Upon completion, VCSA is accessible at [https://vcsaip] with SSO details.

Note to self: always check google first.

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